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iCorrect OneClick Color Correction Technology
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CorrectPhoto Editing Software

for Microsoft® Windows® XP and Vista™ & Windows 7
iCorrect OneClick Color Technology

Correct Photo--- The Easy Photo Editor with OneClick Color Correction


Here's what Henry K., Doctors Inlet, FL said when he bought CorrectPhoto:
"Tested product and it definitely speeds up the process to home print photos.


Fix your photos FREE
Fix your photos free with CorrectPhoto


Smartly organized tool set features rotation, cropping, resizing, OneClick color correction, red-eye removal, sharpening, and more.  CorrectPhoto is the perfect digital photo software companion for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.


iCorrect OneClick Color TargetFeaturing iCorrect OneClick™ Color Technology.  Our highly-acclaimed OneClick color correction is the fastest and easiest way to give every digital photo the color of life.  You can instantly remove unwanted color cast, improve the exposure, and increase the vibrancy with just one click!

(More information on OneClick Color Correction)

CorrectPhoto Editing Tools

Smartly organized tool set features rotation, cropping, resizing, OneClick color correction, red-eye removal, sharpening, and more.  CorrectPhoto is the perfect Windows digital photo software.

CorrectPhoto Tool Bar

(Save, Delete, Help, Rotate, Crop to Size, Resize, Color Correction, Red Eye Removal, Sharpen)
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Do Incredible Things with Ease and Speed!

iCorrect OneClick Color Target

OneClick™ Color Correction

Make The Color Right™ with PictoColor's highly-acclaimed OneClick Color technology

  • Automatically remove color cast

  • Automatically correct exposure

  • Automatically improve vibrancy


Fix Color with OneClick Color
(More on OneClick Color Correction)


Improve Composition

  • Rotation-change the orientation of photo

  • Crop-Zero in on the heart of your photo and crop to standard TV, Web and Print formats

  • Resize-Reduce and enlarge to to suit your project-Great for web design or posting on Facebook.



Finishing Touches

For picture perfect photos

  • Red Eye Correction with Zoom for close up and group photos

  • Sharpening





Discover Digital Photography with CorrectPhoto™ and
® XP and Vista, and Windows 7


Organize and Manage with Ease

With its Built-in Windows Explorer, CorrectPhoto provides direct access to Windows XP and Vista file management and integrated digital media tools. 

  • Find and organize your photos with Windows Explorer

  • Automatically rename all the photos in you working folder in sequence.

  • Automatically archive originals




Preserve Your Digital Memories

Safeguard your memories against mistakes and computer crashes

  • Auto Archive feature guards against saving unwanted changes to you original photos

  • Burn backup CDs of your digital files directly from Windows Explorer

  • Store your pictures online through your favorite online service with programmable link

  • Order prints online with programmable link


Share with Friends and Family

CorrectPhoto’s Built-in Windows Explorer and online services links makes sharing your photos with friends and family easier than ever.

  • Print photos directly from you computer with integrated Photo Printing Wizare

  • Automatically optimize and send pictures via e-mail

  • Present as a slide show with direct access to Windows Picture Viewer

  • Link to your favorite online printing service and upload you pictures for printing, sharing and storing


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

  • 1024 MB RAM

  • 10 MB disk space

  • High Color (16 bit) display colors setting (True Color recommended)

  • 1024 x 768 or higher


Supported File Types (8 or 16 Bit Color Depth)


·          TIFF (.tif)

·          JPEG (.jpg)

·          Bitmap (.bmp)


CorrectPhoto Software License Information

CorrectPhoto is licensed, not sold. Subject to the condition that you are in compliance with the terms of this SUSLA you may install and use one copy of the Software Product on a single computer for use by a single simultaneous operator. Click here to review CorrectPhoto Single User License Agreement.


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